a imagem do círculo (5) - peder balke.
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Peder Balke: Stedtind i tåke, 1864. 71 x 58 cm, Galeria Nacional, Oslo, Noruega.

"I can't begin to describe how elated I was at having seen and re-tread the land, once again, after satisfying my deep longing to see the northern provinces. No easier is it for me to pen my thoughts on which sublime and mesmerizing impressions the wealth of natural beauty and unrivalled settings leave upon the mind of an observer. These impressions not only overwhelmed me for a brief moment, but they, too, influenced my entire future since I never yet, neither abroad nor other places in our country, have had the occasion to gaze at something so awe-inspiring and exciting as that which I observed during this journey to Finnmark. Unsurpassed in the northern provinces is the beauty of nature, while humans - nature's children - play but a minor role, in comparison."

Peder Balke (mil oitocentos e quatro - mil oitocentos e oitenta e sete) in Memoirs.
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